The TKC Street Smart Program

Because ‘OFFLINE’ safety matters too…

While the world is obsessed with technology there is rightfully a worry about the online safety of our children. Unfortunately this has taken the focus away from dangers outside the home, and with ‘playing out’ becoming a very rare occurrence these days we are seeing a whole new generation of children who really aren’t Street Smart

. What is the Street Smart Program?
The Street Smart program has two parts, a workshop and an award scheme

The Workshop

The Street Smart Workshop can be delivered in Primary Schools or at the Get Hyped martial arts studio in The Triangle, Frinton. The workshop both great fun but also hard hitting. It is very much tailored to the age group attending, finding exactly the right balance so as to inform and not terrify! It includes games and activities and group conversations to illustrate…

  • Stranger Danger
  • Lost!
  • Private Parts are Private
  • Good Secret / Bad Secret
  • SHOUT IT OUT L-O-U-D ! ! !
  • Do the Stomp, Play the Drums (you have no idea what this means do you?!?!)

The Street Smart Award Scheme

So many people don’t have a landline telephone now, and mobile numbers or so hard to remember. Do your children know YOUR mobile number? Their address? Even their Mum and Dad’s name? If not what would they do if they got lost? That’s why we created the Street Smart Award Scheme, children win badges and certificates for learning useful stuff!

There are 3 levels…

Level 1 Know Mum’s or Dad’s mobile number
Level 2 Still remember telephone number from Level 1 PLUS their home address and parents name
Level 3 As Level 2 BUT for a family member / neighbour too

Workshop Availability…

We are happy to put workshops on as and when needed, either at the Get Hyped Studio in Frinton or in Primary Schools. The workshop is free of charge although we would appreciate donations towards the running of the scheme. For individual’s please contact us to register your interest and as soon as we have at least 8 people we will arrange a time. For schools please email or call.

Award Scheme…

As soon as your child has learned the information required then let us know and we’ll arrange a time for you to pop in! Alternatively speak to your child’s school and we’ll happily work with them to get the whole school involved!

Call 07903 513238

or fill out the form below…

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