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From the school playground right through to the workplace, bullying can lead to unhappiness, depression and in extreme cases suicide.

This KiD Can is dedicated to not only helping victims of bullying, but also preventing children from being bullied with our pre-emptive B.A.A.D (bully awareness and defence) one off workshops and ten week programs.

Our one off workshops help children recognise the early signs of bullying and show how to prevent situations from escalating. Just as importantly, we show them the difference between ‘banter’ and bullying so they don’t unwittingly become the bully themselves! We also give advice on reaching out to someone who is being bullied, and what they can do to help. These workshops are great fun and teach essential life skills.

For those who are suffering from low self esteem and a lack of self confidence and perhaps are already in an uncomfortable situation, we run a full 10 week course, where they learn both verbal and physical defence techniques plus a little bit about competitive sport fighting too. We are able to build self confidence very quickly and have had some incredible results from this so far, genuinely changing lives for the better.

We also provide ongoing support for anyone experiencing severe bullying. Working along side parents, schools and if the situation warrants it, solicitors and the police. We help you document and report incidents, plan your movements to avoid ‘shark infested waters’ to minimise contact whilst we find resolution and provide chaperones when and if possible.

Workshop Availability…

We are happy to put workshops on as and when needed at the Get Hyped Studio in Frinton. The workshop is free of charge although we would appreciate donations towards the running of the scheme. Please contact us to register your interest and as soon as we have at least 8 people we will arrange a time. For community groups interested in hosting a workshop with us please email or call.

Need help now?

If you are in a situation at the moment and you can’t wait for a workshop to be scheduled please get in touch immediately and we will be happy to arrange a one to one session.

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