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Physical education, or physical literacy as we tend to call it outside of mainstream schools, is a tricky subject for home educators. Whilst motor skill development is entirely possible within the home environment children can miss out on the social aspects, competition, and teamwork. A varied curriculum is also essential to keep interest and enthusiasm peaked and create lifelong habits of healthy living.

The national curriculum for physical education is purposefully not too specific in the activities that should be taught, but does include recommendations in terms of skill development.

Unsurprisingly gross and fine motor skills are a priority, along with dance, team work and a degree of competition. As home educators it can be very easy to concentrate on a single sport or activity, our recommendation however is for children to experience the most diverse range of activities possible and not to specialise until at least the teenage years. 

With that in mind we are able to offer a range of activities to create a varied and interesting curriculum for home school groups. We recommend a mix selected from the following activities on a four weekly rotation…

Street dance
Fitness and indoor games
Martial Arts Tricking
Boxing (Boxlite)
Soft Tennis
Self defence

Alternatively we can provide gymnastics, kickboxing or street dance in line with our existing after school classes which would allow progression and grading opportunities to the participants and a chance to take part in the 3 graduation days we hold every year.

Daytime classes need to have a minimum of 6 participants or a maximum of 12 at a cost of £40 per hour or £5 per student whichever is greater. We recommend a minimum of one session a week. Although we can accept mixed age groups we highly recommend stages of development are taken into account to allow us to create the very best experience for the participants. We suggest the following split although there will always be exceptions…

Age 3-4
Age 5-7
Age 7-9
Age 10-12
Age 12+

You will notice the ages overlap, that is intentional to allow for developmental differences. Some children benefit from being the big fish in the small pond, whilst some need to be challenged in order to thrive. PLEASE NOTE: These are our recommendations BUT we are happy to accommodate your or your groups requirements.

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