…let’s end bullying

awareness, prevention, resolution

From the school playground right through to the workplace, bullying can lead to unhappiness, depression and in extreme cases suicide.

This Kid Can is dedicated to both helping existing victims of bullying and also preventing children from being bullied with our pre-emptive B.A.A.D. (bully awareness and defence) program.

If you or someone you know are currently experiencing bullying we can help you overcome the situation, even in the most extreme cases where you may feel there is no way out. Don’t suffer in silence!

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…SEN Superstars

a different approach to special educational needs

Children with special educational needs can often find themselves in a downwards spiral. Poor academic performance can lead to low self esteem, a lack of self confidence and a ‘can’t do’ attitude.

We help children who struggle academically to find activities they excel at. Whether their forte turns out to be kickboxing, boxing, gymnastics or street dance, we can get straight to work rapidly building self confidence and providing the instant gratification they crave through praise and personal achievement.

This is often the catalyst for incredible transformations, opening lines of  communication and assisting teachers to identify and break down the barriers holding them back, leading to greater achievements and happier times within the classroom…

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…is your child street smart?

because ‘OFFLINE’ safety matters too

While the world is obsessed with technology there is rightfully a worry about the online safety of our children. Unfortunately this has taken the focus away from dangers outside the home, and with ‘playing out’ becoming a very rare occurrence these days we are seeing a whole new generation of children who really aren’t Street Smart


The Street Smart program has two parts, a workshop and an award scheme where children can win badges and certificates for learning useful stuff like Mum and Dad’s mobile phone number and their home address.

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…no matter what age

from pre-school to teen

This KiD Can offers a range of activities to keep children fit and active both in mind and body, in and out of school. Unlike other commercial facilities we don’t offer “one size fit’s all” kid’s classes, focusing instead on carefully constructed curriculums targeting the stages of development.

From pre-school classes focusing on fun games and the development of foundational skills, social interaction, confidence building and awareness of the world outside all the way through to late teens.

This KiD Can believes in breaking down the barriers that can leave some children excluded, whether that be age, cost or behavioural difficulties.

…learn new skills

stay active after school at Get Hyped!

The world in general doesn’t seem to be such a safe place anymore. Computers and video games seem to have replaced ‘playing out’ and being a child today doesn’t seem to be quite so much fun as it used to.

That’s why we have developed a range of activities including gymnastics, martial arts, boxing  and street dance in the hope that every child from 3 to 16 can find something they love and truly excel at.

This KiD Can is for EVERY child, we promise our prices will always be as low as possible and NO child will be excluded on financial grounds.

Classes are held at the Get Hyped studio in the Triangle, Frinton – visit the Get Hyped website for full details

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…get This KiD Can in YOUR school

and watch self confidence soar!

Whether it’s livening up your P.E. lessons, or setting aside an hour a week to focus on life skills or working with S.E.N pupils, we can help enrich your curriculum and help to get the best out of your students.

From non-contact martial arts to street dance, we focus on lifestyle sports that tick every box from teamwork to motor skill refinement. Promoting health and wellbeing, channeling aggression in a positive way, developing concentration, co-ordination, discipline and focus, but most importantly children love it!
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…physical education for home schoolers

Helping home educators to develop physical literacy

Physical education, or physical literacy as we tend to call it outside of mainstream schools, is a tricky subject for home educators. Whilst motor skill development is entirely possible within the home environment children can miss out on the social aspects, competition, and teamwork. A varied curriculum is also essential to keep interest and enthusiasm peaked and create lifelong habits of healthy living.

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…help us help others

donate or become a sponsor

To deliver many of our services we rely on sponsorship or donations. We offer many marketing opportunities for our sponsors from adverts in our studio to branding on certifications, our photo wall background, banners at events, social media and local press coverage.
Let your businesses success empower local youth, help us change lives and be a part of the UK Small Business Award’s Community Business of the Year!

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