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The TKC Evolution martial arts curriculum – more than a martial arts class, it is a complete child development program. Developing motor skills, aiding cognitive development as well as general life skills, there is NO better activity to for your child to be involved in, no matter what age they are!

The journey can start from just 3 years old and takes in skills from a number of cultures throughout the world from Korea (Taekwondo), Japan (Karate), China (Kung Fu), Great Britain (Boxing), France (Savate) and Thailand (Muay Thai). All these skills are carefully woven together to provide what I believe is the most complete kickboxing education available. Add to this real world age specific self defence and life skills and you’ll see why just calling it a martial art doesn’t do it justice, this is the best child development program you’ll ever find.


AND if you’ve got this far and you’re thinking ‘sounds great, but I really don’t want my little one hitting someone or getting hit’ well here’s the thing, they don’t have to if they don’t want to, there is no contact involved while they learn the basics and once they get to orange belt they can choose to learn semi-contact points fighting or they can continue their journey to blackbelt replacing the sparring part with kickboxing acrobatics where they will learn gymnastic tricks and flips and choreograph spectacular routines that they can use to compete in competitions or perform in shows. By the way, semi-contact kickboxing is incredibly safe, in fact it has a better safety record than rugby, football and even ten pin bowling!

Part of the reason for it’s excellent safety record is that it takes many years to become a martial arts blackbelt (usually between 6 and 10 years depending upon the discipline), compare that to a PT qualification that can be achieved in less than 6 months. There is often confusion between aerobic kickboxing classes which can include pad and bag work and can be great fun, but unfortunately they don’t teach correct technique and cover very few of the huge variety of moves in the sport and definitely DON’T provide any real world self defence skills.

All our classes are taught by a Karate and Kickboxing blackbelt who is one of the youngest qualified instructors in the UK today.

Whats Available?

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Ages 3-6 £4 per session, Ages 7+ £5 per session
First lesson free, then payable monthly, discount for siblings or for those training more than once a week

MATRiX Kick and Tricks

A combination of gymnastics and basic martial arts skills

Ages 3-4
Thursday 4:15pm to 4:50pm
FULL – Waiting List


Ages 5-6
Tuesday 4:15pm to 5:00pm
4 places available

Beginners (7+)
Tuesday 5:00pm to 6:00pm
4 places available

Tuesday 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Muay Thai

Age 14+
Monday 6:30pm to 7:30pm
2 places available

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