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Our gymnastics classes are based around our very own progressive gymnastics syllabus, the MATRiX. Starting from age 3 our would be gymnasts can work their way through 14 graded levels. Each new move is a progression from the last meaning they are constantly building the strength and technique to achieve ever more advanced moves and tricks, there are over 300 progressions within the curriculum, so as you can imagine it is a pretty comprehensive program!

We looked at a lot of teaching methods and curriculums for our gymnastics classes, we even tried one out for a little while! It just felt a bit flat, a bit boring and being tied down to an NGB meant everything went very slowly and those with a natural talent were always waiting for others to catch up, and those who found it particularly difficult felt they were being left behind. There was nothing available to us that fitted the bill, we wanted to be able to teach floor based gymnastics in a functional way, i.e. no reliance on trampolines, foam pits or sprung floors, to a class with children of all abilities and levels. So we created the MATRiX.


We took the teaching style of martial arts tricking (breaking everything down into small progressions) added in all the traditional gymnastics floor moves, and then cleaned it all up to create a ‘clean’ gymnastic syllabus. The great part about it is that it is ‘functional’ as it doesn’t rely on sprung floors or apparatus. That makes it suitable to be put to work in a dance studio, a gymnastics arena, a martial arts dojo or even the back garden.

So the MATRiX syllabus was born, but we didn’t stop there. Gymnastics requires a lot of strength, so there is a lot of physical conditioning needed to develop the strength necessary to perform a lot of the moves. The classes were at last starting to feel great, but the fitness part was just boring! So out went traditional gymnastics conditioning exercises and in came the locomotive or primal movements that I use in my own training. These not only target the exact muscle groups required but also share a lot of the base kinetic movements of the gymnastic moves, AND they’re great fun too!

You might have sensed I am very proud of our gymnastics syllabus, and I’d love everyone to be able to try it, so even though most classes are full please still register as when the waiting lists get long enough we always try to put on extra sessions.


Whats Available?

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MATRiX Gymnastics Foundations

Ages 3-4
Thursday 4:15pm to 4:50pm

MATRiX  Preliminary & Primary

Ages 5-6
Thursday 5:00pm to 5:45pm
Friday 4:00pm to 4:45pm
3 places available

MATRiX Gymnastics Level 1 to 12

Ages 7+
Thursday 5:45pm to 6:30pm
FULL – waiting list
Friday 4:45pm to 5:45pm
FULL – waiting list

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